I am 50 years old and ready to live the absolute best part of my life!

A raw food lifestyle is based on eating fresh, organic foods and in some cases foods cooked no higher than 140°.  Countless raw food devotees and teachers have found that adopting a raw food lifestyle has enabled them to rid themselves of diabetes, cancer and many other physical ailments.  While a raw food diet alone is no guarantee of a cure for serious disease, it has been proven in many cases to do just that.

Raw food manufacturers can often be found on the web.  When I find products and services that I like, I will share them in links to the right of this blog.  Many of these manufacturers will deliver their products to you directly if you are in an area not supportive of raw foods.

I find that state of mind is also a big factor in weight loss.  You may want desperately to lose weight, however, if you are doing it for the wrong reasons there is a good chance your new nutritional lifestyle won’t stick.  A change in eating habits should be a celebration of life, not a response to outside pressure.  In addition, many weight problems are a result of negative life experiences; clear the experience and weight loss can be a breeze.  Trying to carry the emotional baggage along for the ride is like trying to drag an anvil on your back while jogging uphill.  I recommend EFT programs or practitioners for anyone considering weight loss.

I’m am not a doctor, nor a trained nutritionist.  I am just a single soul trying to make changes with a body I feel I know well. If you are thinking about making a lifestyle change, I urge you to visit with your doctor beforehand to ensure your weight loss will be safe and productive.


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