Posted by: Shavai | April 5, 2010

Another Strawberry Pie Attempt

I spent all day Easter Sunday “uncooking.”  I hadn’t made lasagna in a while and although I recently found out I’m sensitive to nightshades, I had already purchased the ingredients for the lasagna so it was important to use them.  This raw strawberry pie pictured above is still in the “not quite perfect” mode.  I have more changes to make to the recipe.

The lasagna turned out magnificent! At least to my tastebuds.  I’m not a big fan of oil dripping all over and I prefer my italian tomato sauce to be a bit sweet instead of acidic (think Prego spaghetti sauce).  I’ve found tomato creations taste better after some time in the fridge over night.

Every time I eat that first bite of lasagna I feel like I’m flying high!  It has faux meat, faux cheese, sauce and spinach in it with three layers of zucchini (top, middle and bottom).  It’s best when served to multiple people when all the flavors are fresh from it’s over night settling, but I believe it lasts three days in the fridge, which is good for me.  Anything I can make that lasts for a bit makes me happy.

Having not been trained on how to do things in the kitchen with food, it takes me forever.  For example, I examine the basil and Italian Parsley leaves since the first time I made raw lasagna I found there were bugs in leafy products.  The packages also recommend that the items be washed prior to being used (I guess they’re acknowledging the fact that there are bugs in the bunch) and that’s a bit of a time consuming thing.  My sister always washes her blueberries and lays them out on the counter to dry before putting them in her fridge.  She has a LOT of nice counter space in her home though.

I’m trying to formulate a plan of pre-paring items for this dish so it doesn’t take all day to make, but with so little knowledge about how a kitchen should be run or how to prepare recipes I’m sure I’m not being as efficient as possible.  I may have to call my sister today and have her help me decide how to tackle it.  Perhaps I need one of those choppers I’ve seen at Wal-Mart so I can just dump the basil and parsley in it. My knife does not seem to be too keen on cutting them all the way through and with my hands being the way they are I don’t feel comfortable getting my knives any sharper.

The strawberry pie came out better than worse.  This time instead of using the way too sweet recipe I did last time, I took my own Lemon Mousse recipe and made that the foundation of the filling.  Unfortunately, that was made to be a mousse.  It’s not really thick enough to hold the heavy strawberries in it, even with a teaspoon of lecithin.  I think next time I may add some coconut butter to the mix and see if that gives it a little firmer base.  I blended not only cut up strawberries into the mousse to give it the red color and strawberry flavor (over the lemon flavor it usually has), but folded in chopped strawberries before putting the mix into the crust.

The raw whipped cream topping is a recipe from “The Sunny Raw Kitchen” for a much thicker cream layer of a cake.  She has a recipe on her site for regular whipped cream, but I believe it calls for coconut meat which is out of my league.  Coconuts are not only expensive here, but my previous experience with Dominican Republic coconuts available in the grocery store was not pleasant.  I may try leaving out the lecithin next time for a fluffier whipped cream.  I admit to using canned organic coconut milk as it’s only around $2.50 at the Kroger.  I did notice that without proper sealing, the whipped cream topping tends to start turning tan the 2nd day.  All I did was put some wrap around the exposed pie where I had cut a piece out as I didn’t have a tupperware container big enough for the whole thing.  I don’t remember the last pie doing that and there was no lecithin in the last pie so I’ll have to figure that out.

There is a note on Carmella’s recipe (The Sunny Raw Kitchen) about putting lecithin in your coffee grinder.  This worked beautifully for the whipped cream, HOWEVER, it leaves a heck of a mess to clean up!  Ground lecithin (at least the kind I bought from my health food store) is sticky as all out and clumps everywhere.  It was stuck to both the top and sides of the coffee grinder (which I bought only to grind herbs and lecithin in) and everything in the bottom.  My coffee grinder well cannot be taken out to wash and I haven’t discerned yet whether the thing that holds the blades in it was meant to come out.  The instructions do not mention that as a feature and specifically state that the grinder should not be taken apart by anyone other than an authorized service provider.  At any rate, I’m going to see if there is a way to get powdered lecithin for these types of recipes as opposed to going through that again.

As far as my weight, my last check in was a little over a week ago. During that time it seemed like I had to go shopping every day for fresh ingredients.  Unfortunately, I had other errands to run and had two specific times when my blood sugar dropped like an anvil while I was out.  Of course, I did what I traditionally do – I ran for the closest place that had meat (protein).  In both cases, this was Kentucky Fried Chicken for a piece of their grilled chicken.  It seems to be the least offensive and the cheapest way to get quick protein in.  Their recipe for grilled chicken has changed since the last time I ate it though.  The marinade is a little sweeter.  I’m not sure I want to know why.  The chicken itself is also greasier now, which leads me to wonder if they aren’t sticking it in the crescor like they do the rest of the chicken.

I probably shouldn’t have tried to make such a long trip without raw food supplies with me.  I just haven’t gotten that part of the raw food equation down yet.  My brain doesn’t automatically think “do I have adequate supplies before I leave the house?” I’m so used to the cheap, fast food life style I have this built in foundation that reinforces “there is always food on the road.”  In truth, there aren’t a lot of “fast” choices for blood sugar emergencies out there.  Stopping at a grocery store for a salad from the salad bar would be my best bet, but when I get down that low all I want is meat protein.

I don’t know if that is because I went to a raw food diet cold turkey or not. Since I knew I was a die-hard meat eater before I started the diet, I don’t have any guilt over eating meat.  Oddly enough, I found on a metabolism chart that I should be eating dark meat when eating poultry and I had been favoring just that type of meat for a few months before I started on my raw food diet.  I’m not going to get spastic over eating meat since I’m not trying to be vegan.  I’m going to take it as it comes and if I’m completely able to get meat out of my diet permanently, so be it.  If a piece of meat slips in here and there, so be it.  The important thing is the bulk of my diet be comprised of raw, live foods and my health (whatever that entails) be as optimal as I can get it.  Living a happy life is always the goal to shoot for. 😀

Today’s Statistics

Weight: 273.4
Fat %: 60.8
BMI: 48.4
Water %: 28.6



  1. that looks extremly good! i´m excited

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