Posted by: Shavai | March 14, 2010

Detox or Something Else?

While on this raw food diet, I’ve felt incredibly energized after every meal.  Today, however, I’m exhausted.  I don’t have the energy to do anything or the willpower to force myself to do anything.  It feels almost like a detox as I had problems breathing while I was watching a sad video on my computer.

When I first started this diet, my face cleared up, bumps on my forehead started going away – there were many good physical things happening.  Over the last week or so, however, I’ve been noticing other things that smack of detox issues, like the breathing thing.  For some reason, I’m having some type of allergic reaction under my arms.  There’s a patch of skin (where you would shave) that’s a little darker rose color than my skin tone.  It itches too.  This leads me to believe my exhaustion might be linked to some type of detox.  We’ll have to see.

Instead of making a smoothie this morning (which in reality was 4:00p.m.), I ate the last of my lasagna as it was starting to get old and I didn’t want it going to waste. Later, I ate an Eggless Salad wrap and realized I was having a reaction to the wrap itself.  Something didn’t make sense as there were no ingredients in it that I haven’t eaten before.  I’m thinking the flax meal in it may have had something to do with it, but I’ve used flax oil in recipes without a problem.

Last night I had tried to blend a mango instead of a banana into the lemon mousse I usually make.  It didn’t come out as well.  The sliced mango took up much more room than a banana would have, but it’s flavor wasn’t conducive to the mousse.  You could barely taste it.  It’s probably also why I gained .2 of a pound back today.  Since I did a cardio workout yesterday, I’m a little confused about the weight gain.  Especially since my water percentage was so low as well.  I drank a LOT of water yesterday.

I’m hoping this will all be water under the bridge tomorrow as I have several things that still need to be done.  I don’t like being held hostage by my body.  Whatever is detoxing out of it, needs to go quickly as I think 20 lbs. is a little too soon to be plateauing on a diet. I’m ready to get to work on the next 20 lbs.

There was a raw potluck today in Chesapeake.  While I hadn’t really planned to go due to the metallic taste from the Trader Joe’s rancid pine nuts, I’m glad I didn’t say I would be there when I received the notice about it.  I wound up being asleep the entire time it was taking place today.  Tomorrow will be better…if for no other reason than I demand it!

Today’s Statistics

Weight: 280.2
Fat %: 64.2
BMI: 49.6
Water %: 26.1


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