Posted by: Shavai | March 13, 2010

The Little Things and More Shopping

I made a coleslaw this week without knowing what to expect from the recipe.  When you’re not a domestic Goddess, that’s the way it goes – trial and error.  I found out later that one small onion does not equal half a large onion.  My cole slaw (made with a dressing from cashews) reeked of onions and filled up a huge bowl.  Clearly I would be eating it for a week straight.  Second lesson learned…never make coleslaw with a whole head of cabbage (or a whole onion), unless you need to feed a football team.

In truth, I bought the cabbage because I thought it was a component of the very first raw recipe I ever tried to make from back in the late ’90s.  When I came home, I was saddened to find that cabbage was not an ingredient.  Even sadder was the realization the recipe had orange juice in it.  I’m still somewhat following the loose guidelines set in the diet presentation I watched, which mentioned that orange juice is a weight loss inhibitor.  I need to keep losing, so I decided to forgo that recipe.

In searching for raw coleslaw recipes, I found several sites saying you should drink cabbage juice three times a day until you’re digestive system is optimal. Tonight I made my first batch, which since I only had a half of a head of cabbage left was 1/3 the amount you’re supposed to make.  I also found that web page I had been looking for “The Best Cabbage Cures.”  Not exactly a scientific tome, but I appreciated all the reader comments on it.  (It also had the standard recipe for cultured cabbage juice in one of the comments.)

Last night was an OCD night for me.  We’re a couple days away from the new moon – typically when I stay up anywhere from 48 to 72 hours straight.  I never was able to get back on day hours after the full moon.  I went to bed at 10:00 a.m. this morning and woke up slightly before 4:00 p.m.  While I’ve noticed I seem to lose more weight when I get an uninterrupted eight hours of sleep, six is still better than four or five hours.  As a result I went shopping to pick up a few things and spent WAY too much money.  It’s because I got in there so late (usually 15-20 minutes before it’s supposed to close).

One of my biggest problems was a FULL case of Awesome Foods products.  I wanted so bad to try some of them I hadn’t seen there before that I bought them, causing my final total to go up to $90.92.  This is what happens when I don’t have a plan to follow. I was so hungry (hadn’t eaten breakfast again before going as I needed to get my shower taken first) I picked up too many of their products.  These are not cheap – they are prepared raw food dishes.  On the other hand, I was able to pick up another Raw Blueberry Cheeseless Cake, Sweet Potato Delights (little cookies with filling), Raw Chocolate Fudge, Better Than Turkey Salad, Eggless Salad (which I’ve ALWAYS wanted to try, but was too chicken to) and a package of Raw Wraps for the salad. That’s $39 right there.  Sometimes you have to just take a moment and ask yourself what the heck is wrong with you!

The bad news is I ate the slice of Cheeseless Cake and during the rest of the “day” tasted one of the Sweet Potatoe Delights and four little squares of the fudge.  The Cheeseless cake seemed heavier than I remember it.  The Sweet Potatoe Delights were not very sweet, and felt like I was eating a heavier cake.  The raw fudge – I shouldn’t have eaten four pieces, but I kept wondering why the first taste in my mouth was alcohol.  They were so small, by the time I realized there were crunchy pieces in them (cacao nibs) and tried to conjure up the flavor of my favorite chocolate (Belgium milk chocolate), the piece was ingested.  Even after ALL THAT and two servings of lasagna (one for lunch, one for the dinner meal) I didn’t gain weight.  I gained FAT, but not weight.  I couldn’t believe my water content was so low after all the water I drank yesterday.  This raw food diet never ceases to amaze me.

Below are more shopping costs for your perusal.

Todays’ Statistics

Weight: 280.0
Fat %: 64.0
BMI: 49.6
Water %: 26.2


Organic Romaine Lettuce – 2.5 Heads (what the heck???) – $9.98
Organic Celery – 1 Bunch – $2.29
Awesome Foods Raw Blueberry Cheeseless Cake – $5.99
Awesome Foods Raw Sweet Potato Delights – $6.99
Awesome Foods Raw Egg(less) Salad – $5.99
Awesome Foods Raw Better Than Turkey Salad – $5.99
Awesome Foods Raw Wraps (2 in a bag) – $6.99
Avocado – 2 Each – $3.38
Organic Medjool Dates – $5.91
Awesome Raw Fudge – $6.99
Raw Organic Cashews (Bulk – 1.16 lbs.) – $11.24
Deluxe Nut Milk Bag – $7.99
Ultimate Superfoods Organic “Real” Raw Hemp Seeds – 2 oz. – $2.99
Ultimate Superfoods Organic “Real” Raw Cacao Powder – 2 oz. – $2.99
Ultimate Superfoods 100% Organic Real Raw Cacao Butter – 2 oz. $2.99
Tax: $2.22
TOTAL: $90.92


O.N.E. Coconut Water – 4 Count – $6.36 – SALE
Organic Frozen Blueberries (10 oz. – 2 Bags) – $7.38
Organic Frozen Strawberries (10 oz. – 3 Bags) – $11.07
Regular Banana (The organic ones I bought were far from ripe.) – $.19
Organic Bananas – (1.85 lbs.) – $1.09
Organic Meyer Lemons (Bag of 6) – $3.49
Organic Zucchini – 4 Count – $3.92
Premium Select (Store Brand) Fresh Organic Spinach – $3.34 – SALE
Premium Select Fresh Organic Basil – $3.99
Fresh Parsley – .66 oz., 2 Count – $1.98
Fresh Organic Strawberries – $3.89 – SALE
Fresh Organic Orange Bell Peppers – 2 Count – $5.98
Fresh Organic Mangos – 2 Count – $2.58 – SALE
Food For Life All Natural Rice Almond Bread – 24 oz. – $4.99
McCormack Organic Paprika – $3.61 – SALE
Cheesecloth (For straining.) – $3.99
Tax: $1.81
TOTAL: $72.90

While I have never championed the concept of having a sugar daddy, it’s becoming abundantly clear that I need one.  Anyone out there who LOVES to spend money or see money spent in the pursuit for the love of life, please inquire within.  Instead of calling you a sugar daddy (or mommy), I’ll give you the esteemed title of “Weight Loss Sponsor.”  I’ll even wear your business’ t-shirt if you provide one. 🙂


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