Posted by: Shavai | March 11, 2010

Rancid Pine Nuts – An Ongoing Story At Trader Joe’s

I haven’t been blogging for several days since I was attacked by the lasagna.  Yes, at first I thought it was an oil problem. My mom had made a suggestion that I cook it to get the oil to loosen up so I could soak it up in a paper towel.  I wasn’t feeling very good that day, so I ate something very plain and waited until the next day.

I’d had this metal taste in my mouth every time I ate something and I had been asking my mom what to do.  The only thing she could think of was pneumonia.  While it’s true, my sister and I had pneumonia when we were little, I wouldn’t have expected it to be detoxing now.  I did an Arise & Shine cleanse in the late ’90s that pulled a WHOLE lot of toxins out of my body. I felt 10 years younger when I was done.  This was no detox.

Without a solid answer to my metal mouth problem, I went on the web.  I was shocked by what I found.  One of the very first web sites I found was talking about this metallic taste.  When I read through the comments in this guy’s blog it became apparent that rancid pine nuts are not only a frequent problem, but the people selling them (Trader Joe’s and other grocery chains around the world) have known about China’s rancid pine nut problem since 2008!

Not only did I have massive stomach upset after ingesting them, I haven’t been able to really taste anything since the day I ate that lasagna.  After doing so well with cardio, I didn’t have enough energy to walk down the street (which is sad – the temperature here has been wonderful these last two days).  I am absolutely amazed that Trader Joe’s has known about this problem for so long and yet it continues to sell these cheap, contaminated pine nuts from China.

On the one hand, I’m glad I’ve been documenting my expenses as normally I wouldn’t still have the receipt.  On the other, I’m upset my first real raw food recipe poisoned me.  My meat-eating little heart just wants to go drown it’s sorrows in an Outback steak. Unfortunately, I’ve spent all my money on raw foods ingredients.  To be truthful, I love the way I feel after eating a raw food dish.

This setback has really scrambled me.  I had a couple of days where I know for sure I ate no protein (just eating salads and smoothies).  I found a cabbage web site with lots of good info and helpful tips from other people in the comments section. Unfortunately, I can’t find the site anymore as my Google Chrome browser crashed and lost all the bookmarks and history I made during that session.

I’m sitting here waiting for my Raw Coconut from Awesome Foods to arrive*, if for nothing other than comfort.    I feel miserable, need a shower and more smoothie ingredients as I’ve run out of frozen organic ingredients and organic bananas.  I know I can change my outlook easily, and as soon as I finish this blog I will go tap along with my favorite Brad Yates videos.

These, however, are the things you run up against when you take on an endeavor as drastic as changing over to a raw food diet without any help or support.  I still haven’t put a menu together that I can shop for at one time and that is a bit disturbing as I’m concerned about lack of protein.

I have to give thanks to the ancestors on my mother’s side of the family who set out across a new America back in the 1800s.  Any time I feel like I just want to give it all up and get a rotisserie chicken from Sam’s Club, I remember how they rode in covered wagons across the wilderness, lost children on the Oregon trail that may have lived had they stayed in their town where a doctor was available and finally claimed free land where they built their farms and started new lives.  My frustrations seem petty compared to the struggles they endured.  Everything in perspective.

Today’s Statistics:

Weight: 281.4
Fat %: 60.3
BMI: 49.8
Water %: 28.9

* While I was doing a final edit of this post, my order from Awesome Foods arrived with my Raw Coconut Spread in it. What an amazing uplifting experience!  Every container (I bought five to meet their $20 minimum order limit) has twice as much product in it as I’ve ever seen the ones in the store have. I’m in heaven. 😀

I'm in heaven.


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