Posted by: Shavai | March 7, 2010

Recovery and Proof

Well, I thought it was the recipe from hell and today it proved itself.

Due to the physical abuse I forced on my heels, I actually slept 9 hours today (because I didn’t get to sleep until 10:00 a.m. this morning).  I figured the first thing I would do is weigh myself and see what my body had done with all that olive oil in it.  I can only say that I was shocked by what the scale had to say.  Not only did I have a huge drop in weight (for a daily marker), my fat content actually went down.  I’m completely confused.

To make matters worse, I ate a piece of the lasagna for lunch.  I will never, ever, fix another thing with that much olive oil in it again. While I can attest to the fact that the lasagna tasted better today, what it did to my stomach was unforgivable.  I went for a walk sometime after eating, which I do when I eat something a little heavier,  but all that olive oil it wasn’t sitting as lightly in my stomach as I had hoped.  Upon returning I felt violently ill.  Not the type where you actually lose your stomach, but when every waking minute you feel like you’re going to.  I suppose if I was more amenable to shoving my finger down my throat, it would have been easier going.

My mother says that olive oil is very good for weight loss due to it’s properties.  I’m going to have to find a halfway point in which to meet it. It seems like quite a lot of recipes on this raw food diet use it.

Today’s Statistics:

Weight: 283.8
Fat %: 50.2
BMI: 61.0
Water %: 28.4


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