Posted by: Shavai | March 5, 2010

The Oil Factor

I felt so good last night/this morning, I didn’t feel hungry at all after I ate my Lemon Cream Mousse.  I was feeling good about everything, and then when I weighed myself this morning the scale was staring at me in the face.  Yes, my weight went down, but if you believe the scale it was dehydration, not weight loss.  I went from being 61.3% fat to 62.2% fat.  Not exactly what I was aiming for after having done cardio yesterday.

I have to wonder if there isn’t some kind of truth coming from the mechanical wonder. There was a tablespoon of oil in my diet yesterday.  I know a raw food diet is supposed to be fun, but I’m beginning to wonder if all these great recipes for things that simulate the fattening, full of bad ingredients desserts are just as bad?  Clearly, they are healthier just from the standpoint that they don’t contain a lot of hydrogenated oils, but how far does a tablespoon of extra virgin olive or canola oil go?

One tablespoon of canola oil is approximately 13.62 grams of fat.  According to both the Harris-Benedict and Mifflin-St Jeor formulas for weight loss, I shouldn’t be getting less that 2,000 calories per day.  To be more precise, I should be getting 2,300.  This probably has something to do with my age or how many calories are needed to keep adequate nutrition/fuel for this mass.  A carb, protein and fat calculator says I should be getting a total of 51 grams of fat per day.  I don’t know how much fat is in the dehydrated coconut I use in my smoothies, but I could simply leave it out.  I know Kevin Gianni says I shouldn’t be concerned with calorie counting on a raw diet, but I’m somewhat annoyed that my fat content went up.

I’ve been trying to drink more water today.  I’m not sure I’m ok with having to run to the ladies room every 30 minutes, but I’m hoping my water percentage will go up.  If it doesn’t, I probably need to find a way to get enough money to order my supplements. They have one that lessens the tension of water so it can be more easily absorbed into the body.  Of course, it needs to be used with clean water (I drink reverse osmosis).  I wish I could figure out a way to get it just to see how the scale reacts to the way my body would be hydrated using it.  Perhaps it would give me a better indicator of my true weight loss instead of all these fluctuations in body fat and water.

I was proud of myself today.  This is the first payday on my raw food diet.  Usually, I’m so ravenous by the time I get paid (once a month), the first thing I do is go get some chinese food or whatever steak is on sale at Outback.  I’m trying to fight that starving feeling of not getting to go do those things (if I ate an Outback steak right now, I’d die and go directly to heaven). The stress of having to come face-to-face with the fact that my rent is almost half my monthly income is a trigger for bad eating habits.  I WAS able to make it through the day though with only raw foods though!

I ate the last entree from Awesome Foods I had tonight – the Unmeatball Sub.  I’m starting to find I no longer appreciate the meat substitute items like I did before. They seem so heavy.  The raw lasagna is good because it only mimics fake ricotta cheese, which is light.  I looked through a bunch of recipes for raw lasagna, but none of them worked well with what I have to use.  I’m going to try and make a cashew nut substitute for the ricotta tonight (which is actually early AM) and perhaps do something with the tomato I have left to simulate the sauce, but most of the recipes I saw called for sun-dried tomatoes.  I also need to do something yummy with my avocados before they go bad, but I haven’t found a decent recipe yet for them.

While I was able to get a cardio workout this morning, I haven’t tapped in two days. That’s an important part of my regime, not for cravings, but for the change affirmations I use.  I believe my obesity to be part stress, part body malfunction, part nutritional ignorance.  It’s important to ensure the gate for change is wide open.

I’ve been on this diet for two weeks.  According to the scales, I’ve lost 14 pounds. Not shabby, but almost expected, I believe, for a person as morbidly obese as I am. I love the Latin Cardio DVD.  I found myself able to follow along with the steps much better this time.  The only ones I’m having problems with are the ones that turn in a circle real fast or have a bunch of really tiny fast steps (thighs too big).  I apparently injured my left shoulder yesterday as it was really sore from a certain angle today.  I have to be careful as I’ve had a problem before with that shoulder that sent me to the emergency room in extreme pain (opiate level drugs needed).  Don’t want to repeat that.  I do believe the latin dancing IS helping rehabilitate my pulled calf muscle.

Today’s stats:

Weight: 288.2
Fat %: 62.2 (.9% Increase)
BMI: 51.0
Water %: 27.5


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