Posted by: Shavai | March 5, 2010

More Foundational Shopping

The good thing about payday is you have more money to buy good food with.  The bad thing about payday is, if you don’t sit down and figure out all your finances first, you could wind up in a bit of a pickle.

The best time to shop for produce around Virginia Beach is Friday night before the store closes.  This is especially true for our local health food store.  While my sleep cycle is still out of whack from the full moon (going to bed at 5:00 a.m., waking up sometime late afternoon), I was able to get it together (minus the eating breakfast part) long enough to rush to the store and get all my shopping done before the mad Saturday rush.  I live in a military town and while most military people shop at the commissary, a lot of them shop at regular grocery stores.  Let’s face it, Saturday is just a bad time to go shopping.

So, I ran around like a chicken with it’s head cut off.  Before I knew it, I had spent over $250.  Any other day I’d make cuts elsewhere, but this is the month personal tax bills come out, certain registrations, etc.  I am now charged with trying to figure out how to come up with hundreds of dollars before the end of the month.  I hate selling, I refuse to pay anyone any money (especially since I have none left) for some scheme that only works if other people are willing to fall for it.  I need something I can do at home and someplace I can advertise for it.

This is what happens when you don’t plan adequately for such a radical diet change. Most raw foodists would tell you to survive on heads of romaine lettuce and apples to stay in your budget.  That would not work for me.  There are times when I expend too much energy (such as cardio days) where if I don’t have something that will really fill my stomach up I’ll get so hungry I’ll just stop at the closest “prepared foods” place and start chowing down.  I really had to control myself last night as I went out without any breakfast (again, the store was going to close in 15 minutes).  I just kept remembering that when I got home I had that great dressing I made and I could pull celery and carrots out of the fridge and eat it. Since the dressing is made of cashew nuts, it’s full of protein.  It kept me reigned in, even with all the smells of Kentucky fried chicken, my favorite Chinese food and Outback steaks wafting in the air.

Here is the list of things I purchased for my new raw food diet over the weekend – going nuclear to the tune of $285.63. There are a couple of duplications as I had a shopping list when I went into the local health food store and it disappeared before I went into the next store.  I’m not really sure where it wound up, but it made shopping after that a little dicey.


1 Bag Organic Golden Delicious Apples (10 in the bag) – $4.99
1 Bunch of Organic Carrots – $2.29
1 Large Box of Sprouts/Beans – Salad Supreme – $2.49
2 Heads of Organic Romaine Lettuce – $6.94
Ultimate Superfoods Shredded Coconut – Extra Fine Cut – $6.99
Ultimate Superfoods Maca Powder – 2 oz. – $2.99
Ultimate Superfoods Lucuma Powder – 2 oz. – $3.99
Tree of Life Sesame Tahini – 16 oz. – $9.99
Golden Honeybear Unfiltered Clover Honey – 12 oz. – $4.19
Bulk Organic Golden Flax Seeds ($1.89/lb.) – $1.08
Bulk Raw Organic Sunflower Seeds ($3.19/lb.) – $2.33
Bulk Organic Medjool Dates ($7.39/lb.) – $1.92
Bulk Organic Brazil Nuts ($6.99/lb.) – $2.59
Raw Organic Macadamia Nuts ($19.99/lb.) – $13.19
Tax: $1.65
TOTAL: $67.62


1 Head Organic Cabbage – $1.99
1 Head Red Organic Cabbage – $3.26
1 Bag Organic Limes – 7 in bag – $3.99
Fresh Organic Celery Hearts – $2.49
Fresh Organic Basil (4 oz.) – $3.99
Fresh Organic Spinach (4 oz.) – $3.34 – SALE
Large Organic Portabello Mushroom Caps – 2 in Pack – $2.19 – SALE
Organic Tomatoes – Package of 4 – $4.79
Organic Roma Tomatoes – 4 Count – $3.06
Organic Yellow Bell Pepper – 2 Count – $5.98
Fresh Organic Oregano – Small Package – $.79 – SALE
Fresh Organic Tarragon – Small Package – $.79 – SALE
Fresh Parsley – Small Package – $1.99
Fresh Organic Thyme – Small Package – $1.59 – SALE
Fresh Organic
Organic Zucchini – 5 Count – $5.59
Organic Kiwi – 6 Count – $3.00
McCormick Organic Some Spice I Used The Whole Jar Of – 1 Jar – $2.67 – SALE
McCormick Organic Rubbed Sage – 1 Jar – $3.95 – SALE
McCormick Organic Coarse Black Pepper – 1 Jar – $2.14 – SALE
Premium Select (Store Brand) Organic Sesame Seed – 1 Jar – $3.99
Premium Select Organic Oregano – 1 Jar – $3.99
Premium Select Organic Cumin – 1 Jar – $3.99
Simply Organic Vanilla Extract – 4 oz. – $7.99
Premium Select Organic Nutmeg – 1 Jar – $3.99
Simply Organic Cinnamon – 2.45 oz. – $3.99
McCormick Onion Powder (Couldn’t Find Organic) – 1 Jar – $3.75 – SALE
Bragg Organic Sprinkle – 1.5 oz. – $3.39 – SALE
Bragg Aminos – 16 oz. – $3.39 – SALE
Spectrum Organic Coconut Oil – 14 oz. – $6.39 – SALE
Spectrum Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil – 25.4 oz. – $13.99
Stevia Liquid – 2 oz. – $5.84
(2) ONE Coconut Water – 1 Liter – $9.58
Organic Quinoa Grain – 12 oz. – $4.29
(4) Sundried Tomatoes – 3 oz. Each – $10.00 – SALE
Onion Saver – $2.99
Small Ounce/Teaspoon Measuring Cup – $4.99
Spatula Set – $3.49
Tax: $3.23
TOTAL: $160.76


Organic Bananas – 6 Count – $1.74
Bag of Organic Lemons – 6 Count – $1.99
Raw Organic Pine Nuts – 16 oz. – $7.99
Organic Cinnamon Apple Sauce – 4 Pack – $1.99
Organic Berry Apple Sauce – 4 Pack – $1.99
Trader Joe’s Organic Flax Oil – 16 oz. – $7.99
Organic Grade A Maple Syrup – 12 oz. – $7.99
Raw Organic Almonds – 16 oz. – $4.49
Trader Joe’s Ground Cinnamon – 1 Jar – $1.99
Raw Organic Sunflower Seeds – 16 oz. – $1.49
Organic Thompson Raisins – 16 oz. – $2.69
Raw Organic Brazil Nuts – 16 oz. – $4.99
Tax: $1.18
TOTAL: $48.51

I recently found out that while Trader Joe’s claims their nuts are raw and organic, they are in fact steam pasteurized and heated to 115° per Trader Joe’s. (See this link for entire discussion.) Since I’m way over my head financially with this diet, I can’t be choosy.  At least it’s better than what I WAS eating.


Imported Gayelord Hauser Brewers Yeast – 7 oz. – $5.19
The Spice Hunter Chili Powder – 1 Jar – $3.34
Tax: $.21
TOTAL: $8.74

I looked ALL OVER the place trying to find organic Chili Powder.  Every jar I looked at had some strange additive I couldn’t pronounce in it.  While The Spice Hunter makes no claim its product is organic, it’s the only bottle I could find that had nothing but plain ingredients on it (Chile Pepper, Onion, Garlic, Cocoa Powder, Oregano, Red Pepper, Cumin, Cinnamon and Cloves).  Farm Fresh is also the only grocery store open until midnight where I could find Brewers (Nutritional) Yeast.  I thought for sure I’d find it at the Kroger, but didn’t see a place for it on the shelves.

As far as the weight, I only lost a little, but my fat % went way down.  Not sure why.

Today’s stats:

Weight: 287.8
Fat %: 59.9
BMI: 50.9
Water %: 29.2


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