Posted by: Shavai | March 3, 2010

Raw Begins To Set In

Today is March 3rd and I started this raw food diet five days ago.  The Raw Revolution bars I loved the most, Hazelnut and Chocolate, already feel too heavy for me.  The difference between eating them and eating live food that’s just been prepared seems so noticeable now.  Along with that, I’m becoming more aware of what my body is doing after I eat.

I ate breakfast (smoothie) and a couple hours later I was hungry again.  So I ate dinner (since it was dinner time for the rest of the world), which for me was the other half of my Awesome Foods Soft Taco.  This week’s taco was a little strong in flavor, so I felt like dressing up it some.  I took a big romaine leaf and laid it down on my plate. I opened the taco wrap and spread the middle mixture out across all of it (there was a LOT of it to spread).  Then I cut up half a tomato and placed a layer of slices on the top.  I wrapped the leaf around it and ate it like that.  It was WONDERFUL! Unfortunately, an hour later I was falling asleep.

This might be due to being awake for so many hours the day before, or it could be I’m allergic to something in the taco.  I hope it’s not tomatoes as I love them dearly.  The only thing I can do is figure out how to find another taco mixture recipe, see if the same ingredients are in the one I ate tonight and make the taco without each ingredient until I find the one that makes me sleepy.  To be fair, once I was sleepy I went into the kitchen, peeled a kiwi and ate it and felt GREAT again!  I don’t know if this is some type of detox thing, lack of enzymes or allergy.  I guess I’ll find out later.

I started reading High Raw today by Kevin Gianni.  He offers a free e-copy (PDF) when you sign up for his daily newsletter (which also contains the links to his daily Renegade Health Show videos).  I’m on page 84 and I have to tell you it’s a VERY well written book (even though there are some typos here and there).  The information is intelligent and there are notes from lots of different sources (lots of footnotes).  I haven’t gotten to the food part yet, but I’m looking forward to it.  I’ve got to start making some recipes before my avocados get too soft.

I finally got to do some cardio!  Today I chose to work out with the Dancing with the Stars: Latin Cardio Dance DVD.  It was AWESOME! Sure, I can’t do half of the things they are doing because of my legs still healing and my obvious girth, but I can do a lot of it and it was slow enough for me to not get discouraged.  I love latin dance!  Too bad I can’t be lead on the dance floor.  I think I’d like to learn how to do it for real and go dancing some time if I could.

After two days, here’s the weigh loss stats:

Weight: 289.4
Fat %: 61.3
BMI: 51.2
Water %: 28.2


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