Posted by: Shavai | March 2, 2010

Noreaster Shopping

I thought we were done with Noreasters this winter, but I guess I was wrong.  A Noreaster in my apartment complex comes with flooding; sometimes it’s minimal, sometimes you are jumping out of bed and racing to the car before the water starts seeping in through the driver’s door.  One thing that usually happens is my adrenals go off the hook and I’m awake for 48-72 hours in a row.  I’m on day two without sleep now.  I should have known something like this was under foot as the cat has been excessively needy over the last few days.

The first thing we do when a Noreaster is heading our way, at least for me, is make sure all the trash is taken out.  It’s too hard to wade through the water with a heavy trash bag all the way to the dumpster.  The second thing necessary is make sure we have enough food to last a couple of days.  This can be a Catch-22 in some situations. If the Noreaster is bad and the water too high, the electricity goes out and we lose all the food in the refrigerator.  You have to make a decision to park the car on the higher ground closest to the apartment and chance not being able to get out later or park it so far away you’re exhausted by the time you wade through all the water to get to it if you need to go out. The wade back to the house with grocery bags? Torture.  I chose to keep the car closer, especially with my leg still healing.

I shopped tonight for more foundational ingredients for my raw food lifestyle.  Many of the things I purchased were listed in recipes I found on the internet and wanted to try. I still need to look up the names of some of the ingredients as I don’t know what they are made of and I don’t want to waste any more money on soy products.  Wouldn’t you know, when I got home I found myself still missing major ingredients.  It never ends, does it? 😀


(2) Whole Raw Cashews – 16 oz. – $5.49
Raw Pecan Halves – 16 oz. – $5.99
Raw Walnuts – 16 oz. – $5.69
Organic Garlic – 2 Cloves – $1.79
Fresh Ginger – 6 oz. – $2.49
Oraganic Lemons – 1 lb. (Four) – $1.99
Organic Cucumbers – Two – $3.29
Cilantro – 1 oz. – $1.69
Mint – 1 oz. – $1.69
Organic Oregano – Standard Spice Jar Size – $1.99
Dried Basil – Standard Spice Jar Size – $1.99
Dill – Standard Spice Jar Size – $1.99
Yellow Organic Mustard – 9 oz. – $1.99
Organic Raw Blue Agave – 11.75 oz. – $2.99
Organic Lentil Soup – One – $1.99
Organic Black Bean Soup – One – $1.99
Tax: $1.27
TOTAL: $51.80

I contemplated adding raw maple syrup to the cart while I was in the store, but I just didn’t have enough to cover it.  Apparently I also need things like chili powder, cayenne powder, raisins, dates, carob or cocao powder, nutmeg, coconut meat (don’t know how I’m going to pull that off with my bad hands), flax seeds, hemp seeds, almond powder, flax oil, psyllium husk powder (thought that was for internal cleanses), nutmeg, cumin, cinnamon (running out), vanilla, pine nuts and sun-dried tomatoes.  Oh and apparently I need to buy a dehydrator.  I’m not sure where the funding for all this is going to come as I’m trying to ensure there is money for my son’s graduation in May.

If I could just find a set of weekly raw food menus that were well balanced, I would be in the clear.  I never realized how hard that one thing is to find on the internet.  If I get through all this, clearly I’m going to make a raw food menu for beginners.  I can follow directions.  They just have to be clear enough.  Reading through a bunch of posts that say “I’m down to eating no more than 3 ingredients for a meal” isn’t going to cut it.  I want to know which thing is my protein and which provides calcium.

I didn’t weigh myself today because I never went to sleep.  As OCD as I am about weighing, I think I missed a couple of meals today and I know THAT, in addition to not getting ANY sleep, is the best way to put weight back on.  I missed breakfast and lunch and ate my breakfast smoothie for dinner.  I’m not really hungry now.  My whole body feels overly warm.  I’ve been having isolated pain in spots on both shins. I think there is some detoxing going on.  Hopefully I’ll be able to get some sleep while the Noreaster winds are blowing.


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