Posted by: Shavai | February 28, 2010

Sunday Shopping

One of my biggest roadblocks to eating raw or even organic has always been the cost of the food.  Back in the ’90s, organic food was extremely hard to come by in my area.  The one store that did sell it did not have the most discounted of prices.  Now you can find organic food in our regular grocery stores.  Both the Kroger and Harris Teeter have a pretty good selection of raw fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as canned and frozen products.

For those who want to know whether they can afford to make the switch to organic or raw foods, here are lists of what I spent.  Some of the things were on sale, others were not.


Braggs Vinegar – 32 oz. – $3.99
O.N.E. Coconut Water – 33.8 oz – $3.59 – SALE
Bag of Organic Yellow Onions – 6 Onions In Bag – $2.99
Bag of Organic Celery Hearts – 2 Stalk Sets – $2.49
Dole Organic Bananas – 2.42 lbs. – $1.43
Organic Red Apples – 2 Apples – $1.06 – SALE
Organic Avocados – 2 Avocados – $1.76 – SALE
Organic Tomatoes – 4 Per Pack – $4.79
Organic Zucchini – 1 Zucchini – $1.35
Organic Kiwi – 4 Kiwis – $2.00
Frozen Organic Strawberries – 10 oz. – $3.69
(2) Frozen Organic Blueberries – 10 oz. – $3.69 each
Dr. Kracker Seeded Spelt Snackers – 8 oz. – $3.99
Tax: $1.04
TOTAL: $42.75

I bought the coconut water on sale because I wanted to try coconut water, but my hands are far too bad off right now to be handling heavy knives.  I was surprised that it tasted exactly like Vitamin D milk.  It was in a cup straight from the container, so there weren’t any other items to influence the flavor.  Braggs vinegar…I figured I should look into making some type of salad dressing and I remembered Braggs from way back in the ’90s.  The spelt crackers were getting low and since I hadn’t found a raw replacement yet, I got another package of them.  I just can’t see spending money on raw food chips without knowing what they taste like.


Carrots – One Bunch – $2.29
(2) Heads of Romaine Lettuce – $3.99 Each
Awesome Foods Raw Blueberry Cheeseless Cake – $5.99
Awesome Foods Raw Unmeatball Sandwich – $6.99
Awesome Foods Raw Coconut Spread – $5.99
Awesome Foods Soft Shell Taco – $5.99
(2) Awesome Foods Raw Lasagna – $6.99
Healing Pantry Organic Raw Cashew Cream Spread – $3.99
(3) Raw Revolution Hazelnut and Chocolate Bar – $2.29
Raw Revolution Chocolate and Coconut Bar – $2.29
Raw Revolution Spirulina and Cashew Bar – $2.29
Penta Purified Water – 1 Liter – $3.79
Tax: $1.68
TOTAL: $68.80

The carrots had the leaves on them.  I’m hoping to find out whether the green part can be used in something.  Most carrots already have it cut off.  I bought a lot of expensive raw food, but I feel this is necessary for the transitional period.  Yes, there is a bit of adjustment in the palate going from meat to raw food substitutes, but once you get the meat out of your system the raw version tastes that much better.

I’m still in the process of trying to get rid of any meat cravings.  When I came back from the store, someone had fried up some chicken and the heavenly scent was wafting through the whole apartment building.  While it smelled amazing, my brain was also alerted to the smell of the oil used to cook it.  It gave me a bit of a sick feeling thinking about ingesting all that cooked oil, even though it smelled tremendous.

After eating the Raw Lasagna a second time, I feel a little more confident about making a raw lasagna of my own.  I just have to find a good recipe.  I’m going to take a taste of the cashew cream later and see if it matches the flavors they used for the ricotta cheese part of the Lasagna.*  I’m pretty sure I can cut up the zuchini, tomatoes and onions, but I’ll need to find out what type of recipe was used for the tomato salsa part of it.  I didn’t see any raw organic spinach that wasn’t in bags and I have a thing about organic bagged foods. I’ll have to check Harris Teeter and see what I can find tomorrow for organic spinach.

The Raw Cheeseless Cake was both amazing and wonderful.  Apparently the only thing in it that wasn’t raw was apple pectin, whatever that is.  I bought this more as a comfort food than anything else.  Certainly my life wouldn’t be over without dessert. The filling looks like the bulk of it is probably made with cashews and coconut butter. It’s something wonderful to think about making myself.

I’m a little concerned that I still haven’t figured out what to do for protein.  Time doesn’t seem to be on my side.  I had to give up taking the most magnificent picture of tonight’s moon hanging big and heavy in the sky to rush into the Heritage before it closed.  My body wanted a nice, full raw entree.  I feel amazing having eaten it.

The Penta water was purchased because I heard everyone raving about it at the store the last time I was there and I wanted to see if it was “all that.”  The label says it is, “Trace Pharmaceuticals Free – Bisphenol A Free – Chlorine Free – Arsenic Free – MTBE Free – Chromium 6 Free – Fluoride Free.”  Wait…they put arsenic in our water? I like the taste of the Penta water, but it doesn’t taste as good as the water I get from my local water store that I’ve been going to for 12+ years.  The reverse osmosis machine in that store is humongous.

I’m not sure what I’m going to be doing come March.  If I’m going to keep this raw, organic lifestyle up I’m either going to have to find some really cheap recipes or find something I can do as a job online at home that doesn’t require a lot of typing (or selling – I’m horrible at sales).  I have to believe the universe is going to support me in this and provide a way for money to come to me.  I just have to think of a really creative idea.

*I just looked at the label when I added the links to my blog and found out it’s loaded with soy.  I’ve had a couple holistic health practitioners tell me soy isn’t good for the body so I’m a quite disappointed.  Not sure what I’m going to do with it as I’ve never liked the taste of anything with soy in it.  Guess that’s what I get for trying to rush my shopping before they closed.


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