Posted by: Shavai | February 28, 2010

Keeping On Task

One of the harder things I’ve found in regards to weight loss is staying focused on what you’re supposed to be doing.  I don’t know if this is some type of Chronic Fatigue ADD in my case.  It doesn’t have anything to do with my new diet.  I’ve had this problem since the days I was bedridden with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.  It’s one of the many reasons I don’t have a job.  (Good thing I spent every other day of my life working like a dog, putting money into my social security account!)

For example, this morning when I woke up I went into the computer room (also known as the master bedroom I don’t use due to black mold under the drywall around the windows) to open the window so fresh air could come in.  I went back into the kitchen to feed the cat and weigh myself, came back into the computer room to start up Restaurant City and expected to be back into the kitchen to figure out what was going to happen to my smoothie without a banana.  Instead I wound up looking at news videos for 30 minutes.  It trips me up every time.

A logical person would say, “So don’t get near the computer until you’ve fed yourself.” I don’t have cable due to the cost and since all the TV stations switched to digital I can only get one station…and that’s if I’m back in my bedroom with the antenna draped in just the right way, so it’s a bit imperative.  Especially since I live in an area of tidal flooding.  With all the freaky weather we’ve been getting this winter, I never know when it’s going to rain, snow, ice, flood, etc.

Some might say I should tie a string on my finger to remind me what I’m supposed to be doing.  It’s not that simple.  When I worked 80 hours per week in the corporate world, I seem to have trained myself to ignore anything other than what I was focused on at the moment.  I’d never notice the string. I’ve decided not to dwell on that aspect right now.  I’m going to put thoughts towards a more productive Sunday (even though it’s already mid-afternoon) and hope I can get to the health food store before it closes.

I did get some tapping done yesterday, but no cardio.  It’s looking like I may not be able to do my cardio before it’s too late.  Our apartment building has strict rules about noise (i.e. we’re not allowed to make any after 8:00 PM).  If anyone out there would like to buy me a house to live in, please feel free to do so.

What’s for breakfast without a banana for my smoothie?  I’ve seen Kevin and Annmarie Gianni talk about how they use a head of lettuce in their smoothies.  That’s not financially practical for me right now, but I figured since the romaine was something I still had left in the fridge (never got to the Harris Teeter last night) I’d go for it.  This morning’s smoothie had romaine lettuce, frozen organic strawberries, non-organic frozen blueberries, whey powder, almond milk and the aloe supplement I’ve been using.  By the time everything was added enough to allow the blender to actually mix it up, you couldn’t really taste the romaine any more.  It tasted more like a milkshake you’d make at home – heavy on the milk taste (even though mine is almond milk).  I think the milk taste is coming from the whey powder though.

Here’s to hoping today is more productive.  Here’s to hoping I actually make it to the store tonight.  If I don’t I’m going to wind up starving since I ate the last can of Amy’s soup last night.  Their Navy Bean soup wasn’t that bad.

I’m a little curious about what the scale said today.  The fat and water content are the same, but the body mass is lower.  Loss of muscle tone due to lack of cardio activity? That can’t be good. Oh,that’s right.  I wasn’t supposed to be weighing myself every day. Got to keep those positive health vibes going.

Weight: 292.4
Fat %: 60.8
BMI: 51.8
Water %: 28.6


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