Posted by: Shavai | February 27, 2010

Outside Influences

When I started on this blog a couple of days ago, I wasn’t really sure what I would be doing.  When I’m dieting, I do exactly what they tell you NOT to do; i.e. weigh yourself every day.  I’m in a transitional period right now where I’m eating up the last of the regular food. I was really hungry last night, so I finished up the spaghetti (a little more than a cereal bowl) and ate the last two pieces of garlic bread with cheese on it I had in the freezer.  Earlier in the day, I also had eaten a can of Amy’s Organic lentil soup I had purchased in case I got ravenous.  It was well worth it.

I was certain I would have gained weight overnight.  I’d been eating, snacking all day whenever I was hungry.  In addition to the morning smoothie yesterday, I had the soup, the spaghetti, the garlic bread, a carrot, some spelt crackers.  Yet when I stepped on the scale this morning I’d lost a little over a pound.  Keep in mind, I never got around to doing my cardio exercise or my tapping.

When I woke up this morning, I expected to take a shower and head out to the health food store to restock some raw food items. Unfortunately, I got caught up in the tsunami that was expected to hit Hawaii.  Like my fellow lightworkers, my focus became prayer and light for Hawaii and healing for Chile.  I remember a seminar tape in which someone said nature’s wrath often depends on how hysterical the people in it’s path are.  Hawaiians today were calm and collected – well prepared for the event. I spent all day watching the CNN feed of the local Hawaii station.  They were spared. Afterwards, I was so exhausted I went back to bed.  Just like yesterday, I didn’t get to my cardio OR my tapping.

The one good thing about today was this type of activity would have normally brought on bad eating habits.  I often wind up waiting until there is no food in the house and then drive up to a fast food window about to pass out.  While the food supplies are very low (no more bananas for smoothies, one head of romaine, one carrot, spelt crackers, some “no sugar added” Mott’s applesauce and a can of Amy’s Navy Bean soup), I still didn’t  drive out and purchase crap to eat, which would have been very easy to do.  I never got my shower taken, which I hope to do after I finish this blog.

I may have been snacking here and there all day yesterday, but I still lost weight. I’m a little concerned that I feel like I could go right back to bed, but I don’t want to spend so much time sleeping.  I have dishes that need to be done and trash to take out and if there IS any energy left I hope to take that shower and see what I can pick up from the Harris Teeter (which is open 24 hours).  I wanted to choose one raw recipe somewhere off the web and try to prepare it tonight.

I’m a little concerned about the dragging so.  Usually, I’m awake 48 to 72 hours straight around the new and full moons (adrenal issue).  It will be interesting to see how my dysfunctional sleep patterns tie into everything.  I wouldn’t think too much sleep would be conducive to weight loss.

Weight: 293.0
Fat %: 60.8
BMI: 51.9
Water %: 28.6



  1. Just stopped by and I want to wish you luck! The raw food diet seems so extreme to my tastes, but if you have the discipline to stick to it, good for you. One thing, how about adding beans to your diet to keep you fuller?

  2. Thanks for the comment. I wasn’t a big bean eater before, so I’m going to have to experiment to figure out which ones I can tolerate the taste of. The raw burrito I had didn’t taste that good, so I want to make sure I stay away from whatever beans they were. LOL!

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